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transparent roxas and saix fighting on your blog.
edited by me.


The world of Twilight Town completely done in vector.
(C)Misha Rose




His body shivered as the taste of copper cascaded his mouth, putting him in a slight daze before he pulled away. He gulped down the last bit of blood as he stared down at Roxas with eyes as pale as the moon’s glow and his facial markings glowing a dim milky-blue color.

Cocking his head to the side, he grinned, fangs gleaming faintly against the sun’s fading light. He licked his lips with his tongue—which now mysteriously lacked rows of spiny teeth that it once had.


He chuckled softly, but not pleasantly as he stood up, pulling the boy along with him with a hand gripped upon the collar of his trench-coat. Then, he placed him back on his shoulder as he snickered to himself, “ Heheh, kiddy bait~”

He finally took his last few steps out of Twilight Town and into a realm of darkness.

His entire body tensed in a desperate attempt to cling to his consciousness. The last thing he could sense was being pulled by his collar before spiraling into unconsciousness.


Time passed in an odd, warped way, so that he couldn’t tell how long he was in his strange, white cell. He woke with a queasy stomach, eventually succumbing to the need to empty its contents. The door was locked, but thankfully that wasn’t a problem for Roxas. He peaked through the small window of the door, making sure nobody was in his field of vision before summoning Oathkeeper, unlocking the door, and rushing into the hallway. 

The blond hastily picked a direction and ran, eventually coming to a hidden laboratory. Dim yellow light betrayed the silhouettes of human bodies inside the tanks lining the room; an assortment of body parts inside various jars and containers. The nausea came back as he realized this could be him very soon if he didn’t escape. 

He attempted to convene a dark corridor, something apparently going wrong as it failed to form. The chances of it being a barrier were slim, but it was Roxas’s only hope at this point. Raising Oathkeeper, he sought to unlock the invisible blockade. 

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